Case Studies

M&A Practice Development

Client Background

A technology company wanted to add a Software as a Service (SaaS) component to its traditional hardware-and-software business. To grow that business quickly, the company decided to acquire the expertise, rather than develop it in house.

Previously, the company did one or two M&A deals every few years. There was no formal M&A process; the acquisitions were integrated in an inconsistent, ad hoc fashion.

The company needed to significantly speed up the rate of its acquisitions and enhance the value of each acquisition. Unfortunately, its staff did not have the time or expertise to efficiently handle any more deals.


To help the company successfully increase the volume, size and scale of its acquisitions, HR Matters performed the following services:

  • Reviewed current and past M&A practices
  • Interviewed the executives and other key stakeholders to confirm the corporate vision and goals
  • Facilitated working sessions to assure buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Performed a gap analysis and outlined how to reduce those gaps
  • Recommended a way to create an M&A process, including a roadmap and framework for an Integration Management Office, as well as M&A process guides and best practices for the functional level.


The company has more than doubled its rate of acquisitions, successfully executing three deals within the first six months alone.

On the “softer side,” the project increased awareness and accountability of the M&A process at the executive level, and help the company establish an Integration Management Office.

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