Services & Solutions

M&A Integration Framework Development | Create a framework to support efficient and effective M&A processes and resource models to deliver successful M&A outcomes.

  • M&A vision and strategy development
  • Governance structure
  • Planning and process requirements: Playbook, best practices
  • Enablement: Continuous learning, knowledge management
  • Results: Success metrics

Deal Management | Establish and run an integration program management office for a specific deal.

  • Outline strategic direction and guidelines
  • Define functional teams and charters
  • Create initial integration plan
  • Lead cross-functional due diligence
  • Validate integration plan
  • Track and evaluate integration success

End-to-End Functional Project Management and Deal Support | Manage a work stream and design tools to support integration efforts.

  • Project management for functional work streams
  • Talent strategy: Assessment, selection process, compensation, benefits, transitional/RIF planning and communication
  • Change management communication strategy and implementation
  • Culture and organizational compatibility analysis
  • Business continuity, processes, programs, and systems migration plans

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